What Exactly Is Problem Gambling?

Gambling is the voluntary wagering on something of uncertain consequence with the express intention of winning something of worth. Gambling therefore requires three important components to exist: risk, consideration, and a reward. The first two are internal to the gambler themselves, while the reward is external to the individual and may be obtained in some other way, perhaps by performing some external action, like a good performance in a contest, winning a jackpot in a slot machine, or through another means. In order for a gambling activity to succeed there must also exist some sort of external reward. Gambling then is circular, with outcomes determined through the first two components.


High Risk Gambling. High risk gambling is gambling where you’re placing a high chance of losing. The obvious example is betting on a horse race, but the rule applies to almost any gambling activity, including online betting, gambling in casinos, sports gambling, online poker, bingo, horse racing, etc. A much safer bet is to gamble online in your home, rather than at a casino, because of the lower risk factor involved.

Problem Gambling. Problem gambling is when a person continues to gamble despite the knowledge and/or a strong likelihood that they will lose money. The problem with problem gambling is that the person may be gambling without having the awareness of their problem or even knowing they have a problem.

Medications and Hypnosis. The treatment of gambling addiction generally involves either medication or hypnosis. Both of these treatment options work by altering the chemical reactions that cause a person to gamble. Although not a cure for gambling addiction, both of these methods are very effective.

Lottery Tickets. There are a lot of different kinds of gambling tickets available. Lotteries can either be free or cost a small amount of money. Some lotteries will pay out a certain percentage of your winnings (some lotteries will also payout cash to the winning player). If you live in a region that offers lotteries for cash or draws then it may be worth your while to look around for lottery tickets.

Treatment centers. Treatment centers are designed for those who suffer from problem gambling addiction. These centers work by helping people cope with the stresses and symptoms of gambling addiction. Treatment centers also help people make healthy lifestyle choices such as stopping smoking, dieting, avoiding alcohol and drugs and exercising.