Volleyball – A Popular Exclusively Individual Sport


Volleyball – A Popular Exclusively Individual Sport

Sports are physical games and competitions. These fill the need for competition and physical exercise. Almost all sports can be competitively competitive. This is the main difference between sports and recreation, leisure or entertainment.

Some sports are common and popular sports like Cricket, Golf, Skiing, Boxing, Tennis and Cycling. These sports involve some degree of skill on the part of the participant. Sports that require agility, speed, dexterity, endurance and require high levels of stamina. These sports are very exciting and fun. It involves the use of quickness and strength and any form of sports, which involve physical contacts with other human beings. These sports include wrestling, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, handball, hockey, softball, wrestling, boxing, motor-bike racing and track and field etc.

Martial arts are sports that require a great deal of agility, skill and strength, to fight against enemies. Martial arts are also known as the sport of kings, as they have been practiced since ancient times. Martial arts involve kicking, punching, grappling, striking and wrestling. The techniques practiced in the martial arts vary with the type of fighting being practiced. The main martial arts practiced in the US are Muay Thai Boxing, Taekwondo, Krav Maga and wrestling.

The ball is one of the most important sports that are played today. The game of basketball is one such example where the ball is used to score points by getting it into the basket. The sport of Cricket is another such example, where the ball is used to score runs. Most forms of sports involve using the ball in some way or the other. Cricket uses the ball for running, throwing and catching.

Fitness and sport are synonymous terms. One cannot be fit without the other. There is no dearth of fitness and sports professionals are well aware of this fact. Most forms of sports require physical activities that keep the body fit and active. Aerobic exercises, muscle strength exercises, flexibility exercises and strength training are some of the integral components of physical activities that keep the body physically fit and active.

It is a popular individual sport. People from all walks of life and of different age group participate in it. It has been around since ancient time and has evolved along the way. Today, it is one of the major sports that are participated in by millions of people world wide.

There is nothing better than a good game of racquetball or tennis. It has a lot of benefits for the player. It provides for good cardiovascular exercise and improves ones physical fitness. It also helps in improving coordination and agility and improving the mental toughness. So, it’s a better option than other types of sports that involves prolonged physical activities that do not provide any benefit other than enhancing physical fitness.

One can say that volleyball is one of the most popular sports today. Even children love to play it. While most sports provide a certain degree of aerobic exercise, it is the case with Volleyball that one spends a lot of time running after the ball. This results in anaerobic exercise that burns a lot of calories and improves endurance. So, it is a popular activity that requires intense physical fitness.