Types of Sports


Types of Sports

Sports are organized physical activities and sports that are characterized by the participation of the participants. These fill the need for physical exercise, competition and play. Almost all sports are competitive. This is the main difference between sports and leisure, recreation or social interaction. The only difference between sports as recreation and war is that in the former the participants are on a field, while in the latter two, they are at war. Since, they require uniformity, sports can be categorized into many more categories.

Association sports are those in which the teams are affiliated with some other institutions or organizations such as universities, colleges, professional leagues and sports clubs. Association sports also present great competition among the participants. Olympic Games is the most popular sports, representing the international sporting events. The sports competitions organized by the Olympic Committee are extremely high in degree of seriousness. They are comparable to the games of national level athletes.

Professional sports are those in which professional athletes participate. These sports are professionally organized sports. The term “professional” can mean either of the following: first, professionally developed by using the skill and knowledge of a person; or second, professionally presented; or third, professionally held athletic competition. Professional sports can represent any form of competition. Sports that take place in the amateur arena are called collegiate sports. The athletic competition is usually between two teams, but sometimes, between several teams.

Sports that present physical contact are recognized as contact sports. Competitions in these sports normally aim at striking a balance between the competing forces, often through the use of a ball. Most sports organizations have designated a chief athletic competition. These matches usually take place within a specific season, with the results displayed on a table. Competitions in sports recognized as international sports normally take place in arenas or stadiums.

Sports which do not involve ball play but which involve throwing, catching, and blocking are called non-contact sports. Many of these games are played between two teams, either locally or internationally. Other sports may be played between individuals. Sports which combine aspects of several other sports are sports which are played by teams.

In addition to the major organized sports, there are many informal games that people play, usually for recreation. These games may be recreational games, like bingo, but they are also games of skill. Many people play games such as badminton, croquet, bridge, and snooker. In some cases, people play games for money. Some of the most popular games include American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, and softball.