Types of Sports and Activities

Sports are competitive athletic activities and physical games. These fill the human need for competition, physical exertion and play. This is all the difference between sports as a social arena for competitive play and sports as a physical activity.


All sports involve exertion of dexterity and/or power. The skill of sports is developed through practice and mastery of various techniques. It is through the practice of techniques that an individual learns to overcome his/her weaknesses and excel in their strengths. As humans, we have a need to compete and we have a need to survive. When we go into a contest or face a challenge to our natural strengths, it helps us enhance our skills and strengths. It’s the drive to win that motivates most sports.

Some popular sports in the US and the UK include basketball, American football, baseball, soccer, golf, rugby, Australian rules football (AFL), Australian rugby league (ARL) and Australian football (AFL). The most popular sport in the US and UK is American football. Although there are many different variations of this sport, the basic fundamental rules are relatively the same. Every team starts with a starting five players who are then divided into two teams. The objective of the game is to prevent the other team from scoring more points than your team.

Each of these different types of sports has its own unique competitive spirit and style. So which is your favourite sport? You may find that you would be enthused by one sport whilst another person would find it boring and perhaps unsuitable for them. So you may like ice hockey, tennis, or football, but others may not. However, you are free to choose whichever sport you like best.

Another type of popular individual sport is endurance. Endurance involves using the body’s physical skills in order to achieve a task. For example, mountain climbing requires the use of both the mind and physical strength in order to overcome the obstacles that are put in front of you. Another example of an endurance event is bicycle racing. The cyclist requires a great deal of skill as well as endurance in order to finish the race.

Agility is yet another individual sport that involves physical activities. The sport can be classified as sports or activities that require physical exertion of the body. It is normally associated with fencing, gymnastics and track events. Some examples of agility sports include badminton, discus, table tennis, sailing, and wheelchair bowling.