Sports Injuries – Common Injuries And Their Causes

Sports (or sports) is any forms of organized or recreational physical activity that, through either organized or casual participation, attempt to utilize, enhance or improve a specific physical skill and/or ability, for the purpose of providing entertainment to participants, and even in some occasions, spectators. In this modern world, sports are a popular way to both stay in shape, as well as, have fun while staying in touch with friends or family. From Little League baseball to skiing and snowboarding, almost every recreational sport can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman sports; from tennis to horseback riding. Today’s most popular types of sports include baseball, softball, basketball, football, hockey, golf and soccer.


Most sports rely on a variety of motions to engage participants; a few rely more on upper body strength and some on lower body flexibility. Based on these differences, each sport will provide differing physical activity for an individual to engage in. Some sports build muscle mass, while others develop motor skills. As previously stated, some sports are intended to provide amusement, while others are designed to test skills and physical aptitude.

One type of sport that requires considerable effort to engage in is swimming. For example, swimmers often must demonstrate their technical swimming capabilities as well as demonstrate their stamina in order to participate in competitive events. In addition to developing muscle mass and improving motor skills, swimmers will also develop their mental alertness. While swimming is primarily a cardiovascular athletic activity, it does involve quite a bit of arm and leg action. Swimmers must be physically and mentally conditioned in order to stand a good chance of winning. Even in contests where the competition is simply to prove one’s swimming abilities, the swimmers will need to be in the best physical condition possible.

Another type of physical activity that young people may take part in is mountain climbing. Young people may enjoy mountain climbing because they will be doing so from a top of a nature itself, which is typically much more exciting than participating in any other type of physical activity. Additionally, mountain climbing provides young people the chance to work on their technical skills. In many extreme sports, including mountain climbing, the competitor is required to build strength in a specific area of the body. This physical activity may also develop mental skills, which is necessary for competing in the athletic field.

One type of athletic activity that young people will be required to participate in is cheerleading. Cheerleading is most often found in middle schools, and although cheerleaders do not wear uniforms, their uniforms often include a cheer uniform and cheerleading shoes. In some cases cheerleaders are allowed to wear school colors or mascot clothing as long as their clothes are the same color as the rest of the cheer squad. Because cheerleading is primarily an extracurricular activity, schools may have little to do with cheerleading and do very little to promote the sport among students. Because of this, cheerleading is one of the few sports in middle schools that may be a risk to students’ health and safety.

While most sports activities are not going to require a person to seek medical attention, there are a few sports that are much better options for people who are thinking about participating in a physical activity but who may be at risk for sports injuries. These sports can all be prevented with a bit of preventative care and should be encouraged by parents to their children. If you are a parent who has a child who is interested in participating in any of these sports, you should educate yourself about the dangers of the activity and whether your child would be at risk for sports injuries.