Legal Age Gambling and Where to Bet

Gambling as a sport is something that has been going on for years but it’s only in the last century that we have seen the major international sporting events transform into mega money making industries. Gambling as a sport can be thought of as the modern day equivalent of the European football leagues or the US baseball leagues. As such, it requires three components to be present: risk, consideration, and reward.


When discussing risk, it is important to first understand how gambling works and why it requires certain elements in order to occur. In most cases, an investor will place a bet on a sporting event or race in which he or she believes there is a sizable possibility that he or she will win something. In order to make such a wager, an investor will require the equivalent amount of capital as what he or she would use to purchase the bet on the event: gambling capital.

The next element that makes gambling a sport is the factor that makes it a potentially rewarding venture. This comes in the form of potential profits and losses. For instance, in the case of a sports bet, if you are unsuccessful you do not have to go out and lose your entire investment because you didn’t bet enough. If you win, you may have to pay out of your winnings but this is not usually problematic unless you had placed a very large bet. If the winnings were small, your casino could issue you a “loss report” which states that you won less than one sixth of your initial capital.

The third component that makes gambling a sport is the element of reward. The potential for profit is tied directly to the potential for loss. If an investor does not lose his or her initial bet, then the bet is considered a failure and the gambler must go out and find another bet. The more successful the gambler becomes, the more likely he or she becomes to win on other investments in the same manner. The stock market is a great example of how a successful gambler can become successful in other areas of investing.

Problem gambling is not limited to online gaming or betting on the slot machines at an establishment. The problem gambler can also find themselves betting on different types of events that offer slightly different odds. For example, they can bet on horse races for both favorites and second favorites. They can also bet on baseball and football games among a wide array of other possibilities. The key to problem gambling is to know when to stop.

Gambling of any kind is a grey area in terms of law. While many cities and counties have specific gambling regulations for the presence of gambling establishments, there are no legal rules that regulate online gambling. This is why it is extremely important to research each site that you will be participating in before you actually wager any money. Do your research and always be aware of the risk and consequences involved with online gambling. Remember, while these sites may be legal, they still don’t offer the same protections and benefits as betting on a licensed site would.