How to Enjoy Sports and Exert Stress Busters

Sports are physical games and competitive activities. These satisfy the need for competition, physical activity and play. People play different sports for different reasons. The athletes compete to enhance their physical capabilities while the students play to improve their cognitive skills or pass an exam.


A lot of sports have evolved from the simple ball and chain game into technologically advanced sports such as cricket, tennis, basketball and baseball. Each sport has several principles that distinguish it from other sports. Physical dexterity is one such essential principle. A baseball player who can hit a baseball with a pitch and successfully run to first base without taking his throw can say he has superior hand-eye coordination.

Many athletes in different sports undergo heat exhaustion. During a game or competition sportsmen sweat profusely and use every minute of their body energy to keep them in action. The only way to prevent heat exhaustion is to have control over body temperature and prevent the body from increasing core body temperature. This is achieved by proper dieting, hydration and adequate rest. All these fundamentals are important in maintaining a healthy body and preventing heat exhaustion.

Physical skills involve the use of one’s physical abilities in various sports and exercises. Cricket players, for example, must be agile to succeed in their sport. They must be fast and accurate as well as agile to hit the ball. Tennis players need to be alert and quick to respond to their opponent’s shot. Basketball players have to be agile enough to move from side to side and to execute their own shot.

Sports that require mental skills such as chess, billiards and table tennis require enormous concentration. Chess players have to focus on every detail of the game and plan every move before the game begins. Table tennis players have to learn to read the moves of their opponent and react quickly. In any sports, proper nutrition and regular exercise help the player to remain focused and physically dexterity to excel at the sport.

All physical activities that we undertake in life require stamina. Without adequate stamina, we become tired easily and can’t perform well. Most people who do not engage in sports and exercise are suffering from the consequences. They are suffering from less active mind and lesser dexterity which are preventing them from playing sports and exercising regularly. Hence, it’s important to practice some sports and keep up your athletic capabilities so as to improve your health and fitness.