A Gambling Addiction – What it is and How it Affects Your Life

Gambling addiction is a mental disorder, a person who has developed an addictive personality and becomes totally immersed in the act of gambling. There are some people who start out with small amounts of gambling money and gradually grow to a point where they have to rely on these small winnings to provide them with money to get them through the day. Once they hit a certain financial marker, if they do not win that amount this month, the same behavior becomes compulsive and they will try to find that mark again until they lose it all. It is hard to stay gambling when you realize you have wasted so much money in the process.


There are many gambling addiction statistics that should be kept in mind. There are many who have become addicted to gambling and the majority of those cases are not considered to be physical addictions. The biggest and most obvious sign of gambling addiction is when the person loses large sums of money. This does not mean they have lost everything already though. Many have lost everything because they have become so obsessed with the game and betting that their sense of self-worth gets compromised and they start to lose sight of their real life goals.

Physical gambling addiction, such as alcohol or drug addiction, is easier to spot than mental gambling addiction, because the signs of addiction can be more readily seen. However, it is still a serious problem and one that should not be ignored. When a person loses large sums of money at one time, the first thing they need to do is cut out all contact with the game. Find a different hobby or get busy. However, people often find themselves unable to cut out the contact with the game because they love the challenge and they like to win. This is where the addiction starts and it destroys all other areas of their life.

If a person has a friend or family member that is in a similar situation, they need to help them to overcome their gambling addiction. This does not have to mean that the friend is the person who has introduced them to gambling, but it can be a good role model. If someone in your life gambles and loses money on a regular basis, you should talk to them and find out what it is that draws them to gambling.

Sometimes, gambling addiction comes from something that person enjoys and looks up to. This can come from things such as a childhood experience that was positive and a teacher who helped them to succeed. Perhaps there is a sport or movie that they look up to and consider entertaining. Getting involved in gambling can lead to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with one’s life. The gamblers hopes are based around the fact that they will win some money or that someone will beat them. There is always the chance that they will lose everything, but the thrill of competition is hard to deny.

Overcoming a gambling addiction is not easy. In fact, the longer a person goes without curing their gambling problem, the more they will crave the casinos and the bigger the losses will become. This is why it is always a good idea to have support with people close to you to talk to and get help for your gambling addiction.