A Brief Introduction To Popular Sports In India


A Brief Introduction To Popular Sports In India

Sports are physical, active games and physical activities. These fill the need for physical activity and challenge in our lives. All sports are competitive. This is the main difference between sports for recreation, leisure and physical fitness. The main aim of the game is to win and be successful in the given time frame.

There are different types of sports like; wrestling, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis, track running, fencing, cricket, swimming, hockey etc. The players in each sport needs to have good sportsmanship skills and mental vigor. They have to possess strong concentration and quick thinking and tactful decision making skills. A lot of practice is required for them to become skilled in their chosen sports. There are certain strategies and skills which are very necessary for sports. To make a sport enjoyable and a competition, both mental and physical aspects are needed.

Body building and weightlifting are two major exercises which help in gaining muscle mass and developing physical activities. There are many other important sports like; badminton, swimming, table tennis, rugby, lacrosse, baseball etc. All these come under the category of ‘sport’ which require physical activities, but they are also divided into two sections. One is the ‘arts’ and another is the’athletics’ sports.

Martial arts and karate are two popular sports which are originated from China and Japan. Both these sports require physical activity and mental stamina. The athletes in this category mainly participate in national and international contests. They display their skill by fighting and competing with other athletes from all over the world.

Another category of sports is team sports. In this, there is a group of people who are competing against each other to win a particular sport or game. There are various games and sports that are played by teams like; tennis, badminton, cricket, basketball, soccer etc.

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in India. It is an indoor game and is played by men and women alike. It involves very high levels of dexterity, agility and sportsmanship. Badminton is played as singles and doubles. There are various other sports that involve physical activity as well as mental skills. Some of the most popular sports in India include; football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, softball, cricket, netball, badminton and baseball.

Motor sports are also quite popular in India. It mainly involves racing, driving, automobile racing, motor bike racing, off-road driving, racing skateboarding, eating etc. Cricket is the most popular of all sports. All these motor sports help to enhance skill and enhance physical activities.

These popular sports help in enhancing physical dexterity, agility, endurance, flexibility, strength and sportsmanship. All these help to increase the level of self confidence and self esteem. It is also seen that people who participate in these sports to improve their concentration, attention and quick thinking. These sports have always helped to unite the people and have instilled a sense of community. They also help in promoting unity among the neighbors.